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National Security Agency (NSA) & Windows (ALL)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

A while back I did a report on the NSA And Microsoft On my website and blog. Microsoft has a page dedicated to this claim, here's what they had to say , and then we will add something to the bottom of this article.

A report alleges that Microsoft "may have installed a 'back door' for the National Security Agency... making it orders of magnitude easier for the US government to access their computers". Specifically, the report alleges that a cryptographic key labeled "NSA key" within the CryptoAPI architecture constitutes a "back door" that could be used by government agencies to start or stop system security services on user's computers. This allegation is false.

No. Microsoft does not leave "back doors" in our products. This is in keeping with our historical stance on this issue. For instance, we have opposed the various key escrow proposals that have been suggested by the government, because we don't believe they are in the best interests of consumers or the industry.

Are there two keys?

Yes. However, both are Microsoft keys. We do not share them with any third party, including the National Security Agency or any other government agency.

The keys are used to verify the digital signatures on CSPs.

Why is a backup key needed?

The backup key is needed for disaster recovery. Specifically, it's provided as a contingency against loss of the primary private key.

To see why this is needed, suppose we had only one signing key. If a natural disaster destroyed the building in which it were kept, all of the previously-signed CSPs would continue to function normally, because the key used for verification exists in every copy of Windows. However, to sign new CSPs, Microsoft would need to generate a new signing key and sign future CSPs with it. In order for these CSPs to be verified, matching key material would need to be provided to all of the millions of customers using Windows 95, 98 and Windows NT. Clearly, this would be a massive undertaking.

This is why there are two keys. If something befell the primary key, Microsoft could immediately begin signing CSPs using the backup key. Because the backup is already in every copy of Windows, there would be no disruption to customers. Microsoft works with over 50 security vendors in the U.S. and elsewhere producing strong encryption CSPs for customers worldwide. We sign CSPs from vendors on a daily basis - their own product release schedules are dependent on our ability to respond to their signing requests quickly. It would be unthinkable to allow a global security platform such as CryptoAPI to be removed from service by a loss or failure of a single private key component.

It's very important to note the difference between key loss and key compromise. Key loss means the loss of the private key itself, and with it the ability for Microsoft to sign CSPs. Key compromise means the loss of the confidentiality associated with the key, as would happen if, for example, someone gained a copy of the key.

Why is the backup key labeled "NSA key"?

This is simply an unfortunate name. The NSA performs the technical review for all US cryptographic export requests. The keys in question are the ones that allow us to ensure compliance with the NSA's technical review. Therefore, they came to be known within Microsoft as "the NSA keys", and this was used as a variable name for one of the keys. However, Microsoft holds these keys and does not share them with anyone, including the NSA.

An expert in England Confirmed That The NSA Has Indeed Have A Key. This Upset Some Countries Around The World. Please Read Our Previous Article, and goto our website, for More Content (Detailed) On The _NSAKEY & KEY2.

9 Comments left so far ...

Blogger OS9USER Says ...…

I and my team want to make ourselves perfectly clear here on this subject. (1st) I have no problem's with them having a key to my computer (or netowrk). (2nd) I DO wonder about the security of my system thou, since this is public knowledge, in a hacker's hand's it could be disasterious. (3rd) On my website, I show you how to remove this key. I have not done it, or will I, until We are hacked by this key. But I have one question??? Did My goverment butter Microsoft's hand's to put a key in their operating systems? Surely, they got something out of it.


Blogger brizaos9 Says ...…

Hi OS9user,

I agree, What did the US Government get out of this deal, And of course the NSA would have a door to get in our systems, Since 9/11, The US has made that many laws governing Security, So why not have it made LAW, that the NSA can have a Back Door for them to gain access to anyones computer, that uses Microsoft OS's.
And all this , without letting the consumer know about it, Since they are not held accountable to the Public, only the Senate, Which has so far agreed pretty much on everything the Bush Administration wants.




Anonymous Team Player Says ...…

Oh, I missed something here. I am going to have to include your blog on my RSS Feed (running on firefox)... I cant keep up. a few days offline, and WOW (Good JOB)


Blogger OS9USER Says ...…

I could sue them I think, if someone got into my system that way. Would I have to prove what my data is worth??


Anonymous Lynn Says ...…

I dont like it. I want my computer for me , not so everyone can spy on me.


Anonymous Anonymous Says ...…

why do people hack??? I have no idea... It is they way the internet is. Some of us use it for other reason's like research etc....


Blogger txdave Says ...…

Good lookin blog, I don't always like black background, but you've done it right wi/ color, space, really cool.

Check me out, leave comment.

thnks so much dave


Anonymous Team Player Says ...…

You know I work for Microsoft, And I didnt even know this. Is there going to be a review?


Blogger Lynn Sorel Says ...…

Knock , knock , who's there ?


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