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Thursday, December 27, 2007
I rarely write about something in my Email. This reader has been very concerned about p2p (peer to peer) , and his Firewall / Defenses against attacks. After several replies, he still seems to be worried about his defenses on his computer.

Should this reader worry ???

Oh, ya. P2P has its advantages and disadvantages.

The Basics (In English) :

P2P is a great way to get programs that are copy protected.

In Our examples we will pick on AVG & Getright for good reasons (both are available thru the P2P network).

Downloading AVG PRO and installing it is great, but AVG is not what it is "Cracked" up to be. AVG falsely reports programs that are not virus's. Don't panic, this is not a serious issue.

AVG reports : RESET5 which is a virus. It is not. RESET5 eliminate's the 30 day try out feature in Windows XP Home & XP Professional. After running this program, you can use your Windows normally, but there are a few draw backs about using these "hacked programs". There are other examples I could add, but lets move on.

Any hacked program (as the Iphone users found out the hard way) can not update from the manufacturer. Some examples of this are :

  • Windows XP
  • AVG
  • Getright
  • Fix-It (Version 6 or higher)
And many others I am sure. IF, I ran a pirated version of Windows, I could not update the service packs, or receive any major updates from Microsoft. The same is true with AVG. AVG will detect your pirated version the minute you update it's virus database. Getright is another example (but will stay working) that detects pirates. Fix-It Version 6 will stop working altogether, if you try to update.

So, as you can see, no updates are allowed on your new hacked "Goodies". The next major draw back is people often put "Hidden" virus's or trojan's in the software they put on the P2P network. If AVG start's dishing out warnings, I personally would delete the file / download.

Let's read the Email I received yesterday, and talk about it :
I have Windows Defender firewalls on computer already. Is that enough? I do not know how to check these items. I did install AVG and AntiVir. I have no idea how to know what kind of information is leaving my computer. I would apprecitate your help with this. What I am interested in doing is mostly putting music and such on my MP3 player.

First, no anti-virus is %100 effective. Doubling them up was a great idea, AntiVir is a fast loader on the boot, and should work well with AVG.

AntiVir lacks email scanning, this is only available in the paid version. That means that AntiVir won't warn you about any infected emails before you open them. However should you open an infected email then AntiVir will still spring into action, so not having an email scanner doesn't mean you are not protected from email based infections.

I have lost all faith in any program made by Microsoft, so Windows Defender would not be my 1st choice. It has caused me some headache's in the past. So what would I use ???

If you decide to use Spyware Terminator, turn on everything, and program it to run daily. It will make a restore point if something goes wrong, but do not count on problems. It is a very effective program and it's accuracy is 2nd to none. I love the HIPS scanner myself.

Also, if you are online browsing, and it pop's up a warning, look at it good. Something fishy could be up ! Something is trying to execute. No programs should "Auto Start" while you are online.

Alot of my readers will say "Hey, there is much more than this". Yes, that is true, however you have to watch your system performance levels as well. These programs work will together, and should not have an impact when browsing the internet. Each one of these programs I load on my boot, (which is 2 min 30 sec without a firewall) and does not hurt my browsing experience on the internet. A firewall will add atleast 2 minutes to my boot time. See my point ?

Lastly, what about Getright ??? In a previous posting I showed users how to scan all downloads using Getright & AVG. I added a disk skin (transparent) and sound to Getright, and looks so "Cool", but the bottom line is , it downloads the file(s) scan's them with AVG. If everything is okay, it will disappear. Again, Let this program run FULL. Let Getright intercept all downloads, this way everything can be scanned for virus's before execution.

My opinion : Most threats today come from "The inside out". Meaning, it is rare that a attack will come from the internet to your computer. It is more likely that you will execute something, causing information to be "Sent out" of your computer instead. With a firewall, you will get an alarm along with Spyware Terminator. This is a hassle when installing, but is well worth the aggravation. This is one way the FBI & NSA get their spyware in your computer, along with many others.

2ndly) I really wish you would not use the P2P network. In my opinion your days are numbered. It is a matter of time before you "Catch" a Virus or Trojan. Most online scanners, allow a free scan of your computer, but want you to buy their product to remove it. What good is that if you know you have a problem ???

3rd) Ask yourself a question : If you know your days are numbered, do you really feel like reloading your system and configuring it back to the way it was before ???? This takes time. Time is something do not have alot of.

Music from P2P stands less of a chance of getting a Virus, however years ago Kaaza was the top # 1 Virus sender out there. I knew a person that had over 5000 songs neatly organized from Kaaza, and caught just one Goodie that wiped him out completely. Music can also have virus's attached to it (do not be fooled).

You can use Google for your P2P network ! - I do not know if you knew this. It requires a bit of explaining, but you can download ANY movie & song from Google. It is FREE. To answer a quick question, No it is not part of Google's "normal" services.

This is far safer , although it is not %100 safe. It is safer than the normal P2P networks. Google does try to keep it's index Virus Free , along with McAfee SiteAdvisor in Firefox you should be okay. Both Google & McAfee will send out alerts if you enter a site they disapprove of.

Any questions , you can Email me or leave a comment on this site. To leave a comment, just click on the blinking Post Comment and type away. Please do not forget to rate our postings, it helps me find "Topic's of Interest".

Tip : You can check your firewall status free by clicking here . It will bring you to Shields Up, which is recommended by all Technicians.

Update : The Shields Up link has been repaired. Also watch for part II - We are doing a follow up on this story. It seems we were infected ourselves by visiting some of "Body's" hacked sites. We are receiving your Emails on this attack, keep them coming !

Please take the time to read :
26 Websites Hacked UPDATE


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