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From executive producer Chris Meledandri (Horton Hears a Who, Ice Age), and featuring the voices of an all-star comedic cast, including Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Miranda Cosgrove and Julie Andrews, Despicable Me is “rousingly funny, heartfelt and imaginative".

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Today, We talk about Ourselves & Other Sites

Saturday, January 19, 2008
Today, instead of posting the usual news I thought I would try something different. The opertunity to tell my readers a bit more about us and what are we doing on the internet. Could this be "Breaking News" ?

I doubt it, but it is important for my readers to understand what we are attempting to do at no cost to our readers. First it takes a buck to make a buck. There are no ad's here on this site , or my domain. Therefore their is no revenue generated from either site. I am absorbing the cost here for just around 2 years now. Is it worth it ?

Oh ya. It is important when you are online not to be scammed. Some of the complainers are indeed hackers , that got catch up in somebody's web , and need help. Alot of my readers are not.In either case I offer my readers some of the best places to go around the internet today based on the data we have available.

This is part of "
Our Mission" online. To Protect people from being scammed and loosing their hard earned money. In a recent article, a total of $30,000 dollars was taken from people being scammed. Un-believable.

If you missed a story here, there is 2 ways to find it. Using the Google Search here on this site, or thru the archives (which I need to put back online). Please , Leave a comment, I'll post the archives back online for a short time. I took them down, because I am fighting a Bandwidth and Space Issue. I got to try to keep my template short leaving as much space as possible for the news. It is under construction as we add in a new "NEWS" source to our site very shortly.

Soon this NEWS ROOM will have more videos in the 1st column, the 2nd column appears to be okay , and the 3rd and last column needs alot of work. Also I am looking into a great header for this site. If you want to design one, that would be absolutely great. I think it is 4 lines of code with 2 pictures.

Next I want to single out a few websites. Now I got your attention. To date, I have found a few websites that are totally outstanding and all are very unique in the setup & theme. The winners are (in random order)

  • Humor - ThePisstakers (hands down)
  • Outstanding Articles and content goes to Linda - Are we their yet ? - and - Save our forest. Linda from "are we their yet?" does something no other bloggers do. Honor the fallen hero's in law enforcement, which gave their lives to "Protect and Serve". Because of this we are in talks with Linda about adding her content here to the OS9USER News Room. This is a great addition for Linda. Not only will her Google & Technorati ranks go up, but the crawl bot's will find Linda's site thru us, and crawl down her site as well. As you can see from my romlet widget this site is no slouch when being crawled. AT & T is a surprise and some other sites I never seen before also crawl, or link down to this newsroom.
  • Save our Forest witch is owned an operated by Twinsherry also dazzles our reporters with her concern about the environment , medicine and other great topics. It is interesting to know that somebody dumped that site, and was picked up and continued by Twinsberry through out the years. Today, the site is doing excellent. Both of these girls have earned the way into my heart.
  • If you did not notice , I did not make a comment on the Pisstakers (above). It would take a book to describe this site, never mind a few lines. Ed, from the Pisstaker uses his website to promote other websites online. What ? - That's right. Every Sunday he runs a contest on his site called "MyBlogLog Sunday". To enter, Login to your account on MyBlogLog and then visit the before 10 am to enter your site. Wow that was quick. Your in a contest. The top 10 users find themselves with a "Funny" review on their sites, posted the same day (usually). Great site exposure. I strongly recommend it. At no cost, Ed takes his site, and provides you with the best backlink he can give. In addition contest entries are Stumbled as well as to drive as much traffic to your site as possible.
Lets go back to our mission , why am I online ?

It is to point out the great site's I find online, and to provide outstanding links to software like Process Tamer. If you have not read that story, well your in trouble. In that article I explained how to speed up any operating system, and in the same "Process" help your wireless signal to increase. We are in contact with these authors in their forums at the moment, as we again extend our hand to another great product & website. The best free software out today. It would put Microsoft out of business.

As for me, I am going to continue to do the best as I can to provide you with updates as best as I can. There has been an increase in "How do I do this on my site?" to our News Staff. Secretly we talk to many bloggers (which do not wish to be named) and provide them directly information on how to get the job done. This can take time, and it does have an impact on the amount of news I can generate in a given peroid.

Bear with me. It is the way I am. I'll drop everything I am doing to help another site owner get back on their feet. Today, it took me so long to publish as I had to take care of some pressing things today and made me way late to post the news. However, atleast my users got to understand us & our site a bit better. Which is important to me. Sometimes I feel I panic websites when they find out who I am. This is the impression I get In My Email from site authors. When in fact, it is just the opposite. I think they have something great to offer the users in the internet, and I want to write about them.

Lastly, I want to say "I am sick of security". Please note : some "Security Sites" where you can downoad internet security from has been RED FLAG'd by McAfee SiteAdvisor for good reason. The programs actually hurt your computer , instead of doing what they are suppose to do. Didn't you know that ? Here is a case of Anti-Virus website flagging another site for content ??? Must be a good reason behind it.

These are the things I want to write about, and ask for nothing in return. Comments are nice, but not required.



2 Comments left so far ...

Anonymous Anonymous Says ...…

Great post as always! It's always meaningful to take time out once in a while to reflect on why we do what we do, I took a little time off from posting today to smell the roses. In the blink of an eye it's almost February, here's to more great posts in 2008!


Blogger OS9USER Says ...…

Are you giving me flowers ???

Oh-boy !

Site's like these deserve attention. Not because of the amount of traffic the site recieves , but rather, because of its content.

If Google is go generious with their money, atleast they can help improve the ranks of sites like these.

As for me, well I said in the beginning that any site that would help me make it "Big" is coming with me down the same road. This site is increasing FAST , and users are now just starting to see what I do here online.

I think Google made a comment : "We appreciate what you are trying to do with your blog"

They can see me. Now it is time to see others.


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