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California "Porsche Girl" Nikki Catsouras Accident Scene

Wednesday, July 2, 2008
Nikki Catsouras, 18, crashed her dad's black Porsche Carerra 911 into a toll booth structure after clipping a Honda Civic on California State Route 241 near the Alton Parkway exit at a speed of over 100 mph.

The impact instantly killed Nicole while her father — unable to locate her — was calling 9-1-1 for police assistance in getting the vehicle stopped.

Nicole had sped off with the car without permission after an argument with her father over "teenage stuff."

Nikki and her dad argued the day before about Nikki sneaking a cigarette smoke in the house.

Gruesome photos of the accident scene have appeared on the Internet.

The photos are apparently investigative photos that were somehow leaked out from the California Highway Patrol office in Orange County.

Then cruelty began as anonymous people sent pictures back to Nikki's family in e-mails.

Inside the e-mail were graphic photos of Nikki's body — mangled and decapitated.

Over 1,600 websites eventually posted pictures of the gruesome pictures of Nikki Catsouras as they 'viraled' out of control.

A fake Myspace profile re-directed people to the gruesome photos.

Michael Fertik, Chief Executive Officer of ReputationDefender™ was hired to help find out who is exploiting the photos and is getting them taken down — one-by-one.

The 28-year-old Harvard Law graduate describes himself as a fighter for “truth, justice and the American freakin’ way”.

Fertik has succeeded in removing the photos from about 300 websites, although the photos still exist on many more.

My condolences goes to the Catsouras family.

There are more photo's , but I think you get the picture.

Update : As I stated earlier, if enough people complain, I would remove the blood photo's we have posted. Well, enough did, so I did remove all graphic photo's ...

Keep us honest !



11 Comments left so far ...

Blogger OS9USER Says ...…

I have an update to this story & pic's , however, we will not be posting them. Sorry Guys !

I think the family has been thru enough.


Anonymous Anonymous Says ...…

The family has asked that all photos of her body be removed, and you seem to respect them. Why not remove the one you still have posted? It's extremely graphic, and exactly what the family doesn't want the world to see.


Anonymous Anonymous Says ...…

remove this shit. The poor family.


Anonymous Anonymous Says ...…

Why keep the one pic you still have up? The family has asked that they be removed. What if it was you mother, or sister, or wife?


Blogger OS9USER Says ...…

We will consider removing them if enough people complain. OS9USER


Anonymous Anonymous Says ...…

How many ppl need to complain. Isnt the family enough!!! TAKE IT DOWN!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous Says ...…

Dont you think this family has suffered enough how the hell do you think you would feel if it was your family member and you had to look at pictures of your child so badly injured its enough to give anyone nightmares but for a father to see her so hurt has to be killing him inside what the hell is wrong with you people to make that family suffer anymore then they are he will never get that horrible site out of his head I hope to God that this dont happen to the sick **cks but if fate would have it and one of there family members have to die a gruesome death like that beautiful 18 year old girl did that they or anyone wouldnt do it to them as a parent myself I have a hard time when I take my children to the doctor and they get there shots I just could never imagine haveing to look at my child in photos like heres I dont think I would last another day so all you uncareing crule people better pray to god for forgiveness cause they will have there day when they have to face him and I hope they go straight to hell where they belong. How is this family suppose to help there other children coupe with there sisters death when all you sick *ucks won't leave them the hell alone. What ever happen to do to others that you would like done to you and treat others the way you would like to be treated. I as a parent will beg for everyone who have got these photos to please take them down the family has to try to live with the pain and suffering from loseing there daughter dont you think that a day goes by that they dont suffer enough without all the pictures and down right crule comments that you demented sick *ucks are writing get a life and grow up leave this family alone the saying goes what you do to others can bite you in the ass later so I hope you demented people suffer ten times the pain this family has. And for the two cops they should never be able to work a day longer they are suppose to be their too protect and serve and all they have done is devistate and made a dangerouse life for the family from photos to crule comment to threats and thats who we want to protect us no thanks they should not even get a job to protect anything let alone be out there protecting there community what is wrong with that police station They have done nothing but cause that family pain. This would of never got out their if it was not for two guys that were suppose to protect and serve and did the wrong opposite thats not what anyone would want I dont think they need to lose their jobs and be accountible for there actions if they get away with this dont you think this wont happen again and again people will start doing this to make a buck and not care who they hurt.


Anonymous Anonymous Says ...…

Freedom of speech isn't meant to protect the popular ideas that everyone agrees with. Its mean to protect ideas/ images/ speech that Most find distasteful.

The photos never should have been leaked, but now that they have they never should be taken down.

Keep the photos up. :(

Very sorry to the family. Horrible thing to happen, made even worse by the photo leak.


Anonymous Anonymous Says ...…

Please please remove the graphic image from this page. Out of respect for the victim's family, who have been through enough!


Blogger OS9USER Says ...…

As I stated earlier if enough people complain the photo's would be removed. Today, I took them down. Thanx everyone for your input :)


Anonymous Anonymous Says ...…

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