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Torrent Underground News (Video)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

For the last 3 months I have been exploring the "Darkside of the Internet". To say the least it has been an adventure.

The files I managed to uncover was remarkable. Here are some worth talking about.

  • FBI, NSA & CIA Software
  • DDOS Software
  • Movies
  • PPV (Pay Per View)
  • MSN Cookie Sniffers
  • Wireless Cracking Software
  • Google & Yahoo Hacks
And many other types of software. To start our story, lets talk about how I managed to obtain such a remarkable list so easily.

Google was not much help when searching for torrents. Another search engine was needed. Gpirate filled this hole quite nicely. It was rare that I got no listing on what I was looking for, and once and a great while I would get a 404 indicating the torrent was not available. But for the most part Gpirate managed to point me in the right direction.

To download torrents you might need software. My 1st choice for this was Utorrent. It is easy to configure and setup. Movies came in after just a few hours (700 Meg Files). Along with this I downloaded and installed an ipfilter. Here is why ...

Anti-P2P organizations are actively polluting P2P networks with fake peers, which send out fake or corrupt data in order to waste bandwidth and slow down file transfers. At its worst, when downloading major copyrighted torrents, as much as a fourth of the peers you are connected to can be attributed to various Anti-P2P agencies.
There is also a much more serious side to this. Once you've established a connection to one of these fake "peers", your IP has been logged and will most likely be sent to the RIAA/MPAA.

The author of µTorrent has gone out of his way to hide an ipfilter, but it's there nonetheless. Here is a video on how to setup an ipfilter commonly known as IPF.

Next security is always an issue. Many of the Anti Virus program reports false trojans because of the keygens that go with the software. ClamWin gave me the least "False Alarms" out of the many pieces of software I have tested. Along with Clamwin , Spyware Terminator was the balls in detecting a trojan or malicious code inside my computer. Along with spyware, in does include a virus scanner it can use when scanning your files. Turn it all on. Anything it reports , get rid of it. I lost only a few files, and was infected only twice during my 3 month adventure on the "Darkside".

When I was infected (nobody's perfect) I used a tool called AutoRuns. Autoruns is one of the Sysinternals utilities developed by Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell. Somebody at Microsoft must have admired their work, because Microsoft bought the company last year and now touts these utilities from its own web site.

AutoRuns shows you what programs are configured to run during system bootup or login. These programs include ones in your startup folder, Services, Run, RunOnce, and other Registry keys. You can highlight an entry and click the "jump to" button to launch Regedit with the selected entry. In addition to startup programs, Autoruns also displays a list of Services, Scheduled Tasks, Winsock Providers, Internet Explorer BHOs and more - each of them can also be enabled/disabled.

Autoruns includes a line of description for each entry in plain English. Autoruns also lets you Hide Signed Microsoft Entries, which allows you to quickly narrow your focus to third-party programs. Disabling or deleting entries requires just one click (so you'll need to be careful!).

However, even with this program it still was not enough to get rid of a trojan. I did something down and dirty. The last program I used for security (believe it or not) was Fix It (Version 8). Fix It has a feature called "Checkpoint Monitor". In english, it means everytime I had installed something a restore point & Checkpoint was created. When I got myself in trouble, I just told Fix It to restore to a previous Checkpoint. No files were lost, and everything was just the way it was before. I did not "Wrestle" with a trojan, I just put my computer back to it's original condition before the installation. Easy !

Many people might disagree with that approach, but I am telling you it works. To rid yourself of a trojan could take hours, and you are always wondering if you got rid of it completely. My scans come up negative (as always) using my method, and it is QUICK !

Many companies were aware of my research. Time and Time again I was prompted to watch for open ports. In english, the said use a firewall. Every Firewall I have used here so far (and I think I have tried them all) does not block microsoft updates and a few other sites that I wanted to. I finally found a program Kerio 2.1.5 made way back in 2003 that will do exactly what I say. It is not the easiest to use, but it worked.

Never satisfied with my security I ran a check. Shields Up comes highly recommended by professionals. Click on "All Service Ports" to start the scan. If you do not see the passed logo, they offer help on what you need to do next. Installing Kerio 2.1.5 and jumping to this test, I was "Passed" quickly and with no effort at all. Kerio is very light on my system resources as well.

On the P2P Network I managed to download a nastly little program called "USBThief" which I used on my USB Flashdrive. This program "Steals" all your passwords. So I ran it. It did not find any of my passwords, because I never key them in, and I run another utility at startup called CCleaner (again every option is checked) deleting my browsing history, cookies, etc ... where this program might search for clues of my passwords or examine my cookies.

When downloading a movie, more than likely it does NOT have a virus. It is extremely rare to see a virus or trojan inside a movie these days. It is possible, but very unlikely. As for the rest of our list, it is very possible that they were infected, so I always scan. AVG has no over-ride and was the hardest on the files. It also indicated many false alarms, many I could verify quite easily.

Legal Issues

It is not legal to download copyright material. In doing so, you break the law. P2P networks in the U.S. are also illegal this is why many of them run outside the United States. Linking to a torrent that is copy protected is also illegal. This is why I have not included any links to torrent links in this article. There is a very fine line using torrents, however downloading them is not illegal at this time (as long as they are freeware) ???

It was very interesting to see "WHO" was hammered the most on torrent networks. Microsoft taking 1st place, with their newest version "Windows 7" already on the torrent network. Every piece of software Microsoft makes was "Cracked". Millions already have a copy of Windows 7 (BETA). It is my understanding that Windows 7 is just a "Facelift" of Vista with some options removed. Out of everyone I talked to, they said not to run out and get it when it comes out, many people where disappointed that no "real" new features where added to it. In addition, Microsft is being "Tight Lipped" about Windows 7 compared to Vista. I wonder why ?

Next, on the list was companies that make security software like firewalls, anti virus, and spyware. Almost every company that makes these products where listed some place or another. The problem with downloading torrents like these is they probably do contain a trojan.

To my amazement PREVX was hard to find. PREVX makes a great product, but is also hard on your system resources. On my last search, finding a keygen or seral # that worked was impossible. My hat goes of to the makers of PREVX for being the least hammered on the torrent network.

For testing purposes only I checked a great deal of products. All of the software I downloaded has been removed from my computer, leaving me just my reports on what exactly I have found. Most of what I am using here is freeware, and I did not have a need for any products I have mentioned, so I deleted them to save space on my over-crowed computer.

But before I wrap up this 1st report, I want to mention one thing on my list worth talking about. I mentioned earlier I had downloaded some NSA, CIA & FBI software. These are available on the torrent network. The FBI has a "Field Kit" that is supposed to burn down any wireless network and hack into any computer. I did not even think about testing this software, but it was interesting to see what was inside. I really forget what was in the NSA & CIA programs, but basically I think they were basically the same. The files are mega huge and require a whooping 6 CD's to burn before using them. Again, I did not test the software, only for the simple fact, I did not want to burn 6 cd's to find out either (a) it was trash or (b) it does something illegal.

Now to my last thought before my wrap-up of this article. Yahoo & Google was also listed several times. Yahoo had more "Cracks" and forced a toolbar down my throat alot of the time. If people remember right AOL was hated for "Harassing" their users with phone calls & toolbars. While Yahoo does not call you, they definately force their toolbar into your explorer. I hated this.

Google had Gmail hacks & tutorials mostly available for users to download. I am sure the Gmail hacks have been repaired by now, and I did not take interest in the tutorials. But they were there. In-addition Google Earth was the most popular piece of software available. Again, I saw no reason to download it, but it is worth mentioning.

There will be an update to this breaking story, as I have omitted alot from this story. I hope you enjoyed the read !



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